Needs Elicitation and
Objection Handling

If you have been involved in sales for any length of time, you have probably learmed that the first thing your prospects seem to want to know is your price. Even if you sell highly customized products or services where the price could vary widely somehow your prospect thinks that you should be able to provide a price before they have even told you exactly what they want. Giving your prospect a price early in the sales process is never a good idea. At the same time, if you refuse to answer your prospect's questions early on you could damage rapport.

Another problem that most sales people encounter is that they often do not have exactly what their prospect is looking for. Your product or service may have many advantages over your competitors' offerings but you will rarely satisfy all of your prospect's needs. Becoming a great sales person involves managing your prospect's needs and successfully handling any objections they may have with your products or services.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to deal with prospects who are focused on knowing your price.
  • How to elicite your prospect's "real" needs and soften their requirements to ensure that your product satisfies their needs.
  • The importance of discovering your prospect's "pain."
  • How to maintain control of your meetings.
  • How to effectively handle objections.
Lesson Duration: Approximately 20 minutes.
Note: If you don't complete this module you may resume or restart it at a later date.
Intended Audience: Aimed at sales people who sell to individuals at the retail level or business-to-business. Geared toward selling custom products or services, rather than standard commodities where price is one of the only differentiators.

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Need Elicitation, Requirements Gathering and Objection Handling Module
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